Apricot Portable

Way back in the mid 1980s there was another computer company named after a fruit! Apricot Computers, formerly ACT a british company which produced some very innovative designs. This is their Portable Computer, not to be confused with a modern laptop, as it has no battery and is very heavy. In those days portable meant carrying between one mains socket and another. These are quite rare and don't come up on ebay very often. This one is complete apart from the microphone, this computer had built in speech recognition software! The keyboard is battery powered and the 4 x AA cells had leaked and destroyed the battery pack. Fortunately it was a standard flat 4 pack AA holder so that was an easy fix and the keyboard does appear to talk to the main unit.

There is a first look video here.

Quite an interesting case design, the wireless keyboard (it connects via infrared) is strapped into the lid.

It powers on and the screen works, unfortunately i don't have a boot disk for it at the moment.

Here's a look at the side showing the 3.5" floppy drive and the back with the cover removed to show the various ports..

I recently had it apart again in an attempt to locate a CMOS battery or Real Time Clock chip. Didn't manage to find anything but i did take some photos of the PCBs.

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