Sony PS-FL77 Turntable

This is a Sony PS-FL77 front loading turntable made between 1983 and 1985. I really do like these turntables, i already own a PS-FL3. They are great if you need to put a turntable in a hi-fi stack or are just limited with space. This one came from ebay and was in a bit of a state when i received it. Quite a lot of damage to the plastic cover and one side of the smoked perspex door was broken.

There is a video here.

Once the plastic cover was removed the actual chassis seemed intact. Power was applied and the the turntable powered up, the drawer opened and closed fine. The only electrical problem i could see was that the speed select was stuck on 45 rpm. After taking the front panel apart i discovered that the speed select switch was being held permanently down. Someone had pushed the switch in really hard and deformed the plastic overlay. I managed to get behind it and push it back out, it doesn't look very pretty but at least it now works.

The smoked perspex door is held on to a metal arm on either side by a small screw. The plastic lug on the right-hand side as viewed from the front was broken. There was enough plastic left to enable me to epoxy the door onto the arm. At this point i tried some records a 45 rpm & a 33 rpm and they both played fine.

The crack along the right-hand side of the plastic cover was epoxyed and the rear corner was also glued back in place. I reinforced the corner with a thin piece of brass sheet.

Here is a few shots after the repairs.

The PS-FL77 has a linear tracking Biotracer tone arm.

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