Castle Pembroke Speakers

A recent ebay auction win these are Castle Pembroke speakers. Made by Castle Acoustics Limited in the UK in 1984.

As you can see although the cabinets are in pretty good shape the bass drive units have a problem. Common with speakers from this era, the cone surround has rotted away.

Here are some pictures of the crossover. I will probably re-cap the crossovers due to their age and the improvement in modern capacitors.

A close up of one of the bass drive units.

Spent a couple of hours very carefully cleaning all the old glue off of the speaker frames and cones. A very unpleasant job! I've found a company online who alledgedly can supply a foam surround kit for this size of Castle speakers which i have ordered. Also spoken to Wilmslow Audio about possible repair/replacement and i also asked about re-capping the crossovers. They've suggested Supersound Polypropylene caps for all the small values and Mundorf E-Cap for the 30mfd one.

The dust cap has been carefully removed and shims placed inside the voice coil so that the coil is centred before attaching the new foam.

Here is one of the new foam surrounds just laid in place before gluing the inner to the cone.

The drive units are now finished, complete with new dust caps. Just the crossovers to do.

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