Sharp RP-103

Ok, this is all the fault of that nice guy who does the Techmoan YouTube Channel. He did a great video about restoring a Sharp RP-107 and since seeing that i wanted one. Well i didn't manage to get an RP-107 but i did manage to find it's slightly less well specified brother, an RP-103. The difference between the 2 models is the RP-103 will not allow you to pre-program tracks but you can still play both sides of a record and skip between tracks.

You can find the Techmoan Youtube Channel here.

The RP-103 had various faults including the usual one which is the broken tray loading cog. The cog engages with a rack which opens & closes the record tray. Fortunately there is a chap on ebay in the USA who sells replacement cogs.

On my RP-103 the drive belt had turned to black goo so had to be cleaned off and replaced. The next problem was a by product of the broken cog. Once this happens the record tray is free to move further out than it's supposed to, which can result in damage to the limit microswitches. In my case both limit switches had broken. Again the belt and the microswitches are available on ebay. Here is a picture of the broken original switches.

They should look like this.

The is a short video of the RP-103 in action on my YouTube Channel here.

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