Smith Corona 8000LT Personal Word Processor

I couldn't resist this lovely bit of retro tech when i saw it on ebay, all for the bargain price of £8!. As far as i can tell it was made around 1990 and came bundled with a printer, which i don't have. I believe it would have cost new around $1000. The built in 3.5" floppy drive allows saving and loading of documents. There is also an expansion port under a flap at the back, i don't know what this is for at the moment. There isn't a lot of information available about these on the internet. It has a battery compartment for 6 'C' size batteries and it can also be powered from an external 12.6V AC adaptor.

There is a video here.

There are unfortunately some small defects with the screen but it is still very useable.

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