Super Nintendo Entertainment System

After my success with the NES i thought i would see what i could do with it's 16-bit brother the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. When i started looking for these on ebay, around July 2017, you could pick up faulty or damaged consoles really cheaply. This first one i only paid £7.50 for, listed as not working & with a damaged case.

This one had really been through the wars. The top part of the case was really beyond repair and when i opened it up i discovered that the reset switch had been shattered. I removed what was left of the switch in the hopes of replacing it. The power supply input is fused on the SNES and the fuse was blown so i checked for shorts and couldn't find any so i replaced the fuse ready to try powering it up. This is when i discovered that the power supply was U/S. However the NES power supply will work fine with the SNES so i tried that and it worked.

I had a search on ebay to see if i could find another one with an intact top part of the case and a working reset switch. Which i did, it was a little more expensive, i think this one was about £20. Interestingly, this one was the exact opposite of the first one, i.e. the top wasn't bad but the bottom of the case was really yellowed. This one worked from the start, so now i had enough good parts to make a complete console.

Time for the Retrobrite Process, here's some before and after pictures.

Ok, here's the finished article hooked up and working.

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